Canon – Adding stapler (finisher) functionality in Windows 11

Prerequisites / Minimum Requirements

  • The customer must have already installed Canon drivers for the desired printer via Ivanti.

How to Steps


Canon – Adding stapler (finisher) functionality in Windows 11

When Canon devices are first installed on Windows 11 computers via Ivanti, the default driver assumes the printer has only basic features. This document describes how to add the stapler (finisher) as a user- selectable option.

1. From the Start Menu, select Devices & Printers.

a.  Search Printers & Scanners.

 2. Locate the printer which corresponds with the added Canon devices. Right-click on the printer, then Printer Properties. A sub-menu of individual printers should appear.

a. Click on the printer and select Printer Properties.

 3. Click the particular printer you wish to customize.

 4. In the Properties window which appears, click the Device Settings tab.

 5. The Finishing Options are on the left. For most office printers, you will want to check at the least, the 2-sided Printing and Staple options. Some better-equipped office printers will have additional capabilities.

 6. Click OK once finished. Follow steps 2 through 6 for any additional Canon printers you wish to customize.

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