Knowledge Base

Categories (12)

Academic Technologies

Instructional technology and resources. Includes learning management systems, instructional technology, assessment, learning analytics, lecture capture, and polling/surveys.

Accounts and Access

Support for system access, account creation and management including password resets and sponsored accounts.

Communication and Collaboration

Facilitates communication and collaboration. Includes conferencing and telephones, email and collaboration services, media and audio/visual, and web services.

Departmental Applications and Solutions

Support for application and technology used in specific departments or spaces but not across the entire organization.

End User Computing

Supports access and use of devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services, and software/applications distribution.

Enterprise Applications and Solutions

Supports university business functions. Includes business capability/process automation, financial/procurement, human resource, library, and student info systems.

Human Resources

Employment, MyHR, and Payroll support. These tickets are routed directly to Human Resources and are not covered by IT.

Information Security

Provides security, data integrity, and compliance. Includes identity/access management, security consulting/education, incident response/investigation, and security policy..


Supports the operation and management of the IT environment. Includes the data center, database/network, connectivity, and server/storage management.

IT Maintenance and Outage Notices

This page serves as a central hub for keeping you informed about any disruptions to our services, as well as providing insights into the maintenance activities aimed at optimizing our systems' performance. Stay tuned for real-time updates, proactive notifications, and helpful resources to navigate through any IT-related challenges seamlessly.

Research Enablement

Services supporting research activities, including advanced or specialized storage and applications, research data services/software, and lab management systems.