What is Blue Print and How Do I Get Help?

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BluePrint is Creighton's Unified Student Print solution. There are many print options for students at Creighton. BluePrint offers a standardized end user experience at multiple locations across the Creighton campus. All you need is your Blue account and a positive Jaybuck$ balance to print or copy your documents.

BluePrint is a modern print/copy/scan tool that can be used from any of the following:

For any BluePrint printer on campus:


  • $0.08 per B/W page
  • $0.25 per Color page

For duplex printing (printing to both front and back of a page) the costs are as follows:

  • $0.15 per duplexed B/W page
  • $0.45 per duplexed Color page.

 NOTE: a positive balance is required in your Jaybuck$ account in order to use this system.

 Instructions for depositing money into your JayBuck$ account.


  1. Email print jobs into the queue. Attach documents to be printed to your email. The two email boxes to use are listed below:
  2. Web Upload documents to this website. (log in with NetID/Password) http://myprint.creighton.edu
  3. Driver Print is also available:
  4. Drivers are installed on all Creighton owned computers in all BluePrint locations.


Once a print job is submitted into the queue, it will be accessible at any of the BluePrint printers (listed below).

  1. Tap your Creighton ID on the printer's card reader to login. Pending print jobs will then be presented on the screen
    • Please be sure you have enough Jaybuck$ for the print job or access will be denied (please remember $0.08 per B/W page, $0.25 per color page). The system will alert you to the amount of credit in your account.
  2. If you do not have your ID card, you can simply login with your Blue credentials.
  3. Select your print job(s) displayed on the touch screen.
  4. Once you have completed printing, please remember to press the log-out button (you will be automatically logged out after 40 seconds).

BluePrint Printer Locations

  • BIC (Health Sciences Library)-Level 1 across from the Service Desk
  • BIC (Health Sciences Library)-Level 2 outside room 247
  • Criss 216
  • Criss L51
  • Harper Lobby
  • Harper 4052
  • Hitchcock 203
  • Hixson Lied 196
  • Law School - Skinner and Lilis labs
  • Old Gym - ALC
  • Reinert Alumni Library - across from the Circulation Desk
  • Skutt Student Center

Residence Halls

All residence halls have a BluePrint Printer at the Front Desk.

 Printer Problems?

Call: 402-280-1111 or 800-329-1011 option 5 for the myIT Service Desk

In the library: Please see a librarian at the front desk.

Email: blueprint@lists.creighton.edu


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