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Mapping Shared Drives (DFS) on Windows 11.
Eduroam enables you to use your Creighton NetID and Blue Password to obtain wireless access to the internet at participating institutions around the world. Students and colleagues from participating institutions can enjoy the same benefit when visiting Creighton.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to provide secure, encrypted communication between a network and a remote host or other remote networks over the public Internet. VPNs allow the establishment of an encrypted “tunnel” that protects the flow of network traffic from eavesdroppers.
This article explains how to connect your personal PC to Creighton's Virtual Private Network. (VPN)
Infoblox is Creighton's current network registration service.
Information on some vendors that the Lakeside Clinic uses and the person to contact when issues arise.
The Division of Information Technology (IT) has solutions add your gaming console to the campus network.
This provides instructions on how to add your Android device to the CUWireless network.
Mapping a Drive in Windows 10 to Easily Access a Network Share